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Words are the currency of civilization. They have a powerful effect in daily life by challenging, confronting or comforting the hearer. Near the end of his life Peter wrote this letter to first-century Christians, warning them of the danger they were in from those seeking to destroy the church of Jesus Christ with corrosive words. Today, the church is in danger of being marginalized by secular thought and practices. God’s people need to hear what the Spirit is saying through 2 Peter and take to heart its profound message.

Clive Anderson is the pastor of the Butts Church in Alton, Hampshire. He is the author of several books published by Day One, including Face2Face with Sennacherib, Travel with Spurgeon, Opening up Nahum and Through the British Museum with the Bible. A well-known speaker and lecturer, he also leads tours to the Middle East and Egypt, and around the British Museum in London. He and his wife, Amanda, have one son.

Here is a book that does exactly what it says on the cover; it ‘Opens up 2 Peter’. Clive Anderson is to be congratulated on producing such a helpful guide to 2 Peter—a guide that is clear and easy to follow. Not least among its attributes are its illustrations and helps ‘For Further Study’….This is an excellent book for those starting out on a deeper study of scripture, while at the same time are rather intimidated by the word ‘commentary’.
—Rev William Gardner, Pastor, Devonshire Drive Baptist Greenwich London, and currently Chairman of the Particular Baptist Fund and a member of the council of Regents Park College, Oxford

Peter wrote his second letter to fellow-Christians in the 1st century AD. Clive Anderson has written an innovative and stimulating handbook on that letter for 21st century Christians. Phrase by phrase he ‘unpacks’ the meaning of Peter’s words and applies them to us and our daily lives. Peter’s message carried both warning and encouragement for the readers of his day. Using many graphic illustrations from history and from stories or fables throughout the centuries, as well as from books and articles, Clive makes that same message relevant for us today.
—Pam Bendor-Samuel, Translation Consultant, SIL International

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