If you are not sure where to start looking for resources that will suit your needs, the following guide provides some suggested reading under specific categories to guide you in making your choice.

Introductory Reading
The Christian walk is about knowing God, who we are in Christ and how to live.

Intermediate Reading
We want to get to an intimate knowledge of God which brings us to a place of deeper understanding of His will and His ways, so that we can be transformed from the inside.

Advanced Reading
Some things God has revealed about himself are difficult to understand. Careful study of these works will be greatly rewarding.
Chosen for Life | Sam Storms (

There is a wealth of spiritual insight from godly men and women in history for us to learn from. Some of them suffered much to bring us such a rich blessing.

Youth and Children
According to Psalm 119:9 the way a young person can keep his ways pure, is by living according to God’s Word, Let us train them in the truth.

The great commission is an important part of your life, if you believe in Jesus as personal Saviour and Lord.

Study Bibles
Reading the commentary and insights of Bible teachers and experts along with God’s Word, can truly enrich the way you experience the Scriptures.

Reference Works
Easy to find answers to all your Bible-related questions. These reference tools put historical and literal-grammatical details at your fingertips and make topical studies a breeze.