H/C Hardcover (used next to the title when there are other covers for the same title)

P/B Paperback

BL Bonded Leather

IM Imitation Leather

LP Large Print

TI Thumb Index

O/P Out of print

O/S Out of stock at the supplier

POD Print on demand (usually a digital reprint –  more expensive)

Dig. Repr.  Digital Reprint

CM College Material ( books specially ordered for colleges/students; not necessarily books we would usually stock)

BBX Sale Books

ED Edition (in title). Editor (in author)

For those who like to know what other books are available in a series, we have used the following abbreviations:


WCS Welwyn Commnetary Series (Evangelical Press)

REC Reformed Expository Commentary (P&R Publishing)

NICOT New International Commentary Old Testament (Eerdmans)

NICNT New International Commentary New Testament (Eerdmans)

PNTC Pillar New Testament Commentary (IVP UK)

BECNT Baker Exegetical commentary on the New Testament

LCEC  Lectio Continua Expository Commentary (Reformation Heritage Books)

BST Bible Speaks Today (IVP UK)

EPSC Evangelical Press Study Commentary

FOTB Focus on the Bible (Christian Focus Publications)

CCC Crossway Classic Commentary

PTW Preaching The Word (Crossway Books)

TOTC Tyndale Old Testament Commentary (IVP UK)

TNTC Tyndale New Testament Commentary (IVP UK)

RCS Reformation Commentary on Scripture (IVP US)

NIVAC NIV Application Commentary (Zondervan)

MNTC MacArthur New Testament Commentary (Moody Press)


HCC Hendrickson Christian Classics

HCB Hendrickson Classic Biography

IBS Interactive Bible Study (Matthias Media)

PP Pocket Puritan (Banner of Truth)

CCT Contours of Christian Theology (IVP UK)

NSBT New Studies in Bible Theology (IVP UK)

CRS Classics of Reformed Spirituality (Reformation Heritage Books)

GAOT Gospel According to the Old Testament (P&R Publishing)

PRS Profiles in Reformed Spirituality (Reformation Heritage Books)

CBG Cultivating Biblical Godliness (Reformation Heritage Books)

LWBS Living Word Bible Studies (P&R Publishing)


BOTF Basics of the Faith (P&R Publishing)

RCL Resources for Changing Lives (P&R Publishing)

GRL Gospel for Real Life (P&R Publishing)

FL Faithful Learning (P&R Publishing)

RBL Resources for Biblical Living (P&R Publishing)

CAHQ ChriStian Answers to Hard Questions (P&R Publishing)

CCEF Christian Counselling Foundation Education (New Growth Press)

FBC Faith Biblical Counceling (New growth Press)

WHM World Harvest Mission (New Growth Press)

WTDW What to do when… (New Growth Press)

CBG Cultivating Biblical Godliness (Reformation Heritage Books)


BW Bible Wise (Children’s Bible character series from Christian Focus)

BT Bible Time (Children’s Bible character series from Christian Focus)

BA Bible Alive (Children’s Bible character series from Christian Focus)

TrB Trail Blazers (Christian Focus Publications)

ToB Torch Bearers (Christian Focus Publications)

RT Risk Takers (Christian Focus Publications)

CBYR Christian Biographies for Young Readers (Reformation Heritage Books)

HIL Herein is Love: A Commentary Series for Children Shepherd Press)

WWB What we Believe (A worldview series from Apologia)

RCB Rainbow Colouring Book (Day One Publishers)

FF Faith Finders (Day One Publishers)

Where books contain the name of the series in the title or where there is space to add the series name at the end of a title, we have not included abbreviations for the series.