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Throughout Scripture, God expresses His deep love for children. From the deliverance of the baby Moses from Pharaoh’s vendetta against the Israelites (Exodus 1:22-2:1-10) to His protection of the baby Jesus from King Herod’s attempt to murder the coming Messiah (Matthew 2), we see God not only caring about the welfare of children, but involving them in His plan to redeem mankind.

It’s not surprising that Jesus used children as an example of servanthood and innocence (see Matthew 18:2-5), or that He welcomed them with the now familiar words: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14).

God’s desire to draw children to Himself was the inspiration for The Treasure Hunt Bible. This special edition volume of the New Testament was created to be a fun, exciting bridge to take kids from just listening to stories, to engaging fully with the message of salvation.

With nine different “hunts” to choose from, children embark on an adventure to discover the treasures God has waiting for them in His Word. Each of these is tailored to a specific learning style.

“The traditional approach to learning focuses on mastering content,” an introductory note explains. “This book, however, is about engaging the child’s whole being heart, soul, and mind.

“We believe that learning starts with an experience, which leads to reflection, incorporating new ideas and evaluation and/or application. Different children go about this process in different ways.”

To address this and help kids of various learning styles get into God’s Word, the creators of The Treasure Hunt Bible offer nine Wayees – colorful, quirky travel guide characters who appear throughout the pages of the New Testament. There are also interesting Treasure Facts sprinkled in to give kids more information about important places, people, and events.

Designed for children ages 7 to 10, The Treasure Hunt Bible will also be available in French, Amharic, Swahili, Hindi, Bengali, Spanish, Tagalog, and Chinese for use around the globe.

“Usually there is only one chest of treasure on a treasure hunt,” the introduction tells kids. “Whoever gets to the treasure first takes it all. The Bible isn’t like that. It contains enough treasure for everyone.”

The Treasure Hunt Bible shares God’s Word in a way that children can easily understand. It uses their language and taps into their individual learning styles to communicate who God is and how much He loves them.

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