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Can the short account of a brief incident from the life of a woman of dubious character say anything to us today—a woman who lived over 3000 years ago and whose city was doomed to destruction? Yet if all Scripture is God-breathed and profitable to equip us for doing God’s will then the answer must be a resounding—‘Yes’! But—and what a ‘but’ that is—what is that ‘Yes’ going to be—why did God record for us the events leading up to the escape of this woman, not just from the eve of destruction, but from the dawn of the day of destruction itself?

Chris Hughes came to know the Lord while attending the youth club of an Evangelical Anglican Church on the Sussex coast. He has been involved in youth and other work in a number of Churches and latterly served an FIEC Church near Southampton as assistant pastor and then pastor for some fourteen years. He is married with two grown-up children and is currently working part time as a solicitor in Surrey.

God’s blessings come in surprise packages, and none more so than Rahab of Jericho. What an astonishing woman she was! Her story certainly provokes many questions. Why was she a prostitute when her family were also living in Jericho? Surely they would have dissuaded her from following that lifestyle? She had two spies go to visit her, but what were they doing in a prostitute’s house when they were supposed to be viewing the land? And why did she betray her people to certain death?
Thankfully you can come face to face with Rahab through the pages of Chris Hughes’ fine book and get a sight of this remarkable woman; more importantly, however, you will see the God of grace who calls and uses even prostitutes to fulfil his purposes in the world.
—Clive Anderson, The Butts Church, Alton, Hampshire, England

Here is a very readable devotional book with encouraging insights into a lesser-known but surprisingly significant Bible character—Rahab. Throughout the story of this Jericho call-girl, the amazing grace and purpose of God is seen in both the Old and New Testaments. You might be prompted to be less choosy about those you consider building a relationship with. God surprises us!
—David Abernethie, previously a pastor in Bristol and East Cheam and on the staff of the Evangelical Alliance

In less than a dozen short, punchy chapters, we are introduced to the mini-drama of the heroine Rahab in her ruin and redemption, set against the backcloth of ‘the greatest story ever told’ of the Joshua/Jesus the hero of it all. An excellent resource.
—Dr Steve Brady, Principal, Moorlands College, England

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