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No Longer Two is a workbook for couples preparing for marriage. Designed in a contemporary and accessible style, it faces the issues that will confront two people committing the whole of their lives together. With Preparation questions and a short, relevant, Bible Study for each chapter, it is especially designed for all who take seriously God’s revealed plan for marriage. No Longer Two has become a standard workbook used by church leaders in many countries for the vital ministry of preparing a man and a woman for the most exciting and challenging adventure of their lives.

Brian Edwards pastored an evangelical congregation in South West London for thirty years. Together with his wife Barbara they developed a marriage preparation programme which was later produced as a workbook for young engaged couples. Its popularity had been such that after fifteen years and many imprints and revisions, this new and fully revised edition is called for. Brian, whose wife died in 1998, lives in Surrey, England, and is the author of twenty books. His ministry of writing, editing, preaching and lecturing continues.

Quite simply one of the best books on the market today on the subject of marriage
—The Monthly Record

It is written in a warm, clear style. It is thoroughly biblical, and eminently practical and pastoral…excellent treatment of such a vital topic
—Evangelical Times

It was Martin Luther who once commented that if the Church is defending areas of truth not under attack in her day, she is failing her generation. We who love historical Christian orthodoxy can easily fall into this trap, fighting battles of a bygone era that are still of importance but are not where the fight is raging fiercest today. This revised edition of Brian Edwards’ No longer two is surely not guilty of this, for the whole area of sexuality and marriage, gender issues and family are among the most critical ethical subjects of our day. A keen student of both Scripture and Western culture, Brian helps Christians of all ages understand biblical teaching on these matters and why fidelity to God’s vision for men and women in his world is so vital.
—Michael Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, & Research Professor of Irish Baptist College, Constituent College of Queen’s University Belfast, N. Ireland

We bought Brian and Barbara Edwards’ book two years after we were married and found that its practical problem-solving strategies and insightful candidness made us wish we’d had it right from the beginning!
—Marko and Miriam, Australia

No Longer Two was a marvelous tool to stimulate discussion and decisions on various issues that could potentially become obstacles later on in married life.
—Francois and Sharon, South Africa

We found the book to be very interactive, allowing both partners to be actively involved. This has been a great help to us as we have worked through the book. (report from a couple working through the book); From a pastoral point of view, I have found this book No Longer Two to be extremely useful in my pre-marital counseling classes and have given each couple a copy as an essential part of their preparation for marriage.
—Brian Stone, Minister of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Johannesburg, South Africa

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