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Have you ever had a shopping cart with a broken wheel? You push it around and all it wants to do is run into the sides of the aisle. If you were to let the cart go on its own, it would immediately turn and smash into that case of pickles up ahead! You are like that shopping cart! The bad wheel is your heart. It’s always veering off, leading you away from what you were created to be. You were created for God’s love and glory, but instead, your heart pulls you away from Jesus and into something much worse than a case of pickles. Being a rebel at heart means that you do not have the ability to choose God or even to respond to God on your own because you are spiritually dead; we all are.

Reformed theology teaches that, because we are more sinful than we could ever imagine, it can only be God who takes that broken shopping cart wheel (our sinful heart) and replaces it with one that has both the ability and the desire to seek him and to follow him. Brian Cosby is the perfect tool for helping students understand the essentials of reformed theology.


About the Author

Brian H. Cosby is Pastor of Wayside Presbyterian Church (PCA) on Signal Mountain, Tennessee, and is the author of several books including Rebels Rescued: A Student’s Guide to Reformed Theology.



“This terrific little book is a clear explanation of and a winsome apologetic for the reformed faith.”
~Reformation 21- Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals


“Without blurring the beauty of or shallowing the depth of Reformed Theology, Brian Cosby in Rebels Rescued has been able to write a book that makes the truth of our theological heritage accessible to young minds. Packed with timely illustrations, key scriptures and important historical facts from the Reformation, this primer has more than enough information for the student who wants to know more about Reformed Theology. No longer will I struggle to recommend a resource when I am asked about a clear way to explain Reformed Theology to students… Rebels Rescued will not only be the first but I suspect the only book I will need to recommend from that point forward.”
~Danny Mitchell, Coordinator of Youth and Families, Presbyterian Church in America


“Brian Cosby has written a wonderful little book-simple, clear, and deep all at once-setting forth the essentials of Reformed theology. A helpful primer for students, and for anyone else who has ever wondered, “What’s all this fuss about?”‘
~Timothy George, Founding Dean of Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama


“”Rebels Rescued turns to the beautiful old truths of the Reformation and perfectly targets them at a whole new generation. As a Reformed theology primer it is a joy to read.”
~Tim Challies, Blogger at

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