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In the Bible, many people wanted to please God, while plenty of others wanted their own way instead of God’s. Derek Prime calls them Gofors and Grumps in this book intended for children at primary school level. All the letters in the alphabet are used to describe Bible characters, from Mr Afraid (Adam) through Mr Zoo-Keeper (Noah), showing children how we can learn from their lives. Superbly illustrated in black and white, this is an ideal gift for teaching the young.

Derek Prime was for many years the pastor of Charlotte Baptist Chapel, Edinburgh. He is now a well-known convention speaker and author of many books.

The book has 26 chapters, one per character and each character has been given another name, beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet. Adam comes first as Mr Afraid, then Martha as Miss Busy followed by Lot as Mr Choose-for-Myself and Thomas as Mr Doubter, and so on through the alphabet to Noah, who is, of course, Mr Zoo-Keeper! Each chapter has a similar format. Derek Prime begins with an illustration and, if required, an explanation of the name he has chosen for each character. He then goes on to tell the story of the character, ending with an application, and where in the Bible the account can be found. The book also contains illustrations, maps, puzzles, things to do and snippets of information on relevant subjects such as Jerusalem and The Lord’s Supper. There is also what is called ‘Our Bible Dictionary’ which provides explanations on certain words, for example, Satan, A Christian Conversion and The Gospels. This book could be used by a variety of people, including primary school aged children, at whom the book is aimed. It could also be used by families, as a tool for family worship; by ministers, for children’s talks; by youth workers, for children’s clubs and Sunday School lessons; by teachers, for assemblies. If you have any contact with children as a parent, a pastor, a teacher or a friend, this is a book worth having to help you to teach the children about God and what the Bible says, and ultimately to point them to the Saviour. Grace Magazine – May 2006 – Bethan Lipp, Abingdon

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