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Do you have an opinion? There is an increasing tendency in Evangelical circles to regard disagreement in our allegedly post-modern world as inherently oppressive. Too many people sit on the fence and ignore, or are unaware of, the fact that Christianity is an historical religion. As Laurence Peter once said “History repeats itself because nobody listens.” The point of having a debate is not to have a debate and then agree to differ (sitting around in a mutually affirming love-fest) – the point of debate, as the Apostle Paul clearly demonstrates time and again in the book of Acts, is to establish which position is best.

Carl Trueman intends to provoke you with this collection of essays into thinking for yourself and to have an opinion on THINGS THAT MATTER!
You can listen to the author as he speaks about this book here on “Pilgrim radio”.



“Essential reading even if some of the blows come home all too easily. The church needs this prophetic analysis of our self-centered churches and organizations.”
Derek Thomas, Senior Minister of Preaching and Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina


“Volumes of collected essays depend not on the topic so much as the author to draw our interest. I cannot think of a young evangelical writer and theologian whose works I more eagerly read than Carl Trueman.”
Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church and President, 9Marks.org, Washington, DC


“Carl Trueman affirms the historic evangelical faith with great force and clarity and with excellent judgement. The inspiration and authority of Scripture, the atonement, justification, the importance of systematic theology, and of the historic creeds and confessions, are here given a ringing affirmation. Dr. Trueman is fearful that at the very time when our crazy world needs the four-square gospel more than ever it is being seriously weakened by the influence of postmodernism, consumerism, and the loss of a sense of history, both in the church and the Christian academy. The author would be happy enough if these essays make you think, but happier still if they persuade you to think – and to act – as an unashamed evangelical.”
Paul Helm, Teaching Fellow, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada


“Dr. Trueman has the wit of a modern day evangelical Chesterton, the prophetic insight of a Francis Schaeffer and the accessibility of a John Stott. This is a book to read and re-read… this is not the cheap point scoring of tabloid theology.”
Melvin Tinker, Vicar of St John’s Newland, Kingston upon Hull, England


“This collection of essays and observations shows the author as a master wordsmith… It will challenge, stimulate, inform and teach. It confirms Dr Trueman’s place as one of contemporary evangelicalism’s most dynamic young theologians.”
Iain D. Campbell, Minister, Point Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis

About the Author

Carl Trueman is the Paul Woolley Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has contributed to the Dictionary of Historical Theology, the Dictionary of National Biography, The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology and the Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology.



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