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“This is a clarion call to Evangelicals to consider their ways. Joel Beeke writes against widespread Evangelical identity crisis. Confusion over the meaning of the term is causing some to give up identifying themselves as Evangelicals, while others insist that any attempt to delineate the boundaries of Evangelicalism should be abandoned. Dr. Beeke accepts as Evangelical those brothers who accept the authority of Scripture, trust only in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and believe that the historic reality of Christ’s atoning death and resurrection provide the only hope of salvation. Danger arises when there is no real understanding of such doctrines. He urges definition of the great truths of the gospel and insists that a heartfelt knowledge is vital to the health of biblical Christianity. To achieve this he pleads that those who profess the name of Evangelical return to their roots and consider the writings of the teachers of historic orthodoxy; by doing this they will not only enrich themselves and their churches, but they will promote a true evangelical unity. This earnest appeal is warmly recommended.” – Robert Oliver, Faculty member for Church History and Historical Theology, LTS

Joel R. Beeke (Ph.D. Westminster Theological Seminary) is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, pastor of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, editor of The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth, and author of numerous books.

“At a ministers’ fraternal a young pastor described how he took a stepladder and climbed up to the notice board of his church and deleted the word “evangelical” because he maintained that the term has become so wide that it no longer means anything. An experienced pastor present reproved him and told him to go and fetch that stepladder and restore the word “evangelical” because “evangelical” has a long and rich meaning which we must always defend and continue to define. This is exactly what Joel Beeke does for us. He explains how “evangelical” can be watered down, and warns us of the inadequacy of minimal statements of faith. He exposes the fallacy that Roman Catholics are evangelical. He shows that we must never leave the 16th Century Reformation heritage out of our evangelicalism. I heartily commend What is evangelicalism? It is informative, highly relevant and written in a challenging pithy style.” (Erroll Hulse, Editor Reformation Today and director of African Pastors’ Conferences).

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