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Historically, the book of Acts has not been well-served by the secondary literature. Accordingly, I’m pleased to commend Opening up Acts to the Christian public. While not intended as a replacement to the fine exegetical commentaries that are available on Acts, there are several features of this work I find particularly helpful: (1) Simple. The book is designed to give a good overview and summary of the book of Acts. The outline is well-structured, and the summary notes themselves are especially helpful for the lay Bible-study leader whose preparation time may be limited; (2) Sound. The author approaches the book of Acts reverently, correctly recognizing it as inspired Scripture (2 Tim 3:15-17) and treating it accordingly. The narrative genre and transitional nature of the book of Acts is accounted for in its interpretation. Sprinkled throughout the work are interpretive nuggets that provide depth and bring clarity to some of the details that might otherwise be lost to the 21st century reader; (3) Practical. The substance of this work grew out of the author’s own teaching notes for a Sunday School class at his church, and so it has been tested by the intended audience. Each main section contains suggestions for further study and discussion, which drive home the importance of applying Scripture (James 1:22f). It is my hope and prayer that God’s richest blessings will accompany this work. –Dr. Michael M. Canham, Professor of Bible Exposition and Systematic Theology, The Cornerstone Seminary, Vallejo, California

Opening Up Acts is a very useful and user friendly tool for studying the book of Acts. It is appropriate for both individual study and for small groups. I highly recommend this study. –Dr. Gregory Harris, Professor of Bible Exposition, The Masters Seminary

Do you ever find yourself wondering, ‘What was it that I just read?’ after reading a chapter from the Bible? John-Michael offers a remedy in this volume of the Opening Up series. In everyday language, he writes a summary style commentary on each of the 21 sections of the book of Acts. He stays keenly focused on the plain sense of the text and provides further background to elucidate meaning and import where needed. This is a helpful companion to have alongside an open Bible, a springboard for an in-depth study of Acts. –Daniel Lee, Pastor at Pathway Bible Church, Santa Clarita Valley, California

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John-Michael Wong was converted while a student at the University of California, Berkeley. With a Ph.D. in structural engineering, he works as a structural engineering consultant in San Francisco. He married Clara in March 2009 and they live in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are members of the Evangel Bible Church of Berkeley, which has planted two new churches in California and is sending a new pastor to a church plant in Taipei, Taiwan. John-Michael leads the evangelism training and apologetics ministry in his church, and he also serves in the college ministry at the University of California, Berkeley, where since 2003 he has been teaching the Book of Acts to third-year students.

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