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The finances of a church are a concrete expression of its vision, its priorities and its commitment to doing things ‘decently and in order’. This book examines the basis of sound biblical stewardship as applied to the practical aspects of budgeting, reporting and control of expenses in a church. It suggests a remuneration policy for pastors and other paid workers, outlines the responsibilities of members in supporting their church and includes a suggested spreadsheet for budgeting and reporting. Written in non-accountancy terminology, this book should be read by church leaders and anyone who spends any of the church’s money, as well as by all who give money to a local church.

Dr John Temple spent his secular career as an entrepreneur and businessman, mostly at Chief Executive level. He is therefore well qualified to deal with financial and accounting matters. He has held virtually every office in a church, from youth leader to deacon and elder, church secretary and treasurer. Throughout this service, he sought to teach and apply sound theology to the policy of the church in financial and administrative matters. He helped plant four churches. He holds a Ph.D., a B.Sc. (Eng.) and an AEP (MBA equivalent). John and his wife Yvonne live in the New Forest in Hampshire, England.

In the UK especially, there are far too few books on church finance—especially ones that begin with the conviction that vision should always take precedence over money. This daring yet simple concept alone could well begin a revolution in evangelical church life if taken seriously. John Temple’s book—often provocative, sometimes controversial—clearly explains why this is so and uses biblical principles, personal examples and a healthy dose of common sense to do so, as well as giving many practical examples of how church finances could be managed. Few treasurers and leadership teams will fail to benefit from a careful consideration of the principles set out here.
—Gary Benfold, Pastor, Moordown Baptist Church, Bournemouth

A failure to establish biblically derived financial policies and practices often leads churches into trouble. Following this eminently practical guide should ensure that both God and his servants are honoured in this vital area and that much potential difficulty and heartache are avoided. Supremely qualified to write on this subject, John Temple is a peerless conveyor of sanctified common sense. I heartily commend this little volume.
—Jonathan Stephen, Director, Affinity, and Principal, WEST (Wales Evangelical School of Theology)

In a simple yet authoritative fashion, John Temple has constructed the framework for a church financial management system intended to energize the local church’s vision and enhance the global church’s witness. Make Your Church’s Money Work is comprehensive but concise, and easy to read, understand and execute by clergy and laity alike. Its biblical foundation ensures its value and the personal illustrations demonstrate its practicality as a blueprint for fidelity to God and his gospel. If you’re new to Christian ministry or church membership, Make Your Church’s Money Work will set a biblical benchmark for your ministry or life. If you’re seasoned in Christianity, it will make you wish you could begin again, with this book as your guide. Make Your Church’s Money Work is of inestimable worth but, at its inexpensive cost, every church should possess multiple copies to be read by church members and especially those directly engaged in managing church finances.
—Dr Reggie Weems, Senior Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church, Johnson City, Tennessee

Every church leader and responsible member should read Make Your Church’s Money Work.
—Brian H Edwards, Author

At last! Take a thorough knowledge of scriptural teaching, sprinkle it liberally with years of hands-on experience in the local church, and you have what you are holding in your hands! Here is a book worth far more than its slim weight: an easy read, yet an invaluable resource for church leaders and members who want to be even more faithful in their stewardship. This would be one of the ten books I would give to a pastor starting out in ministry or to a church with a passion for Christ’s kingdom.
—Roland Eskinazi, Pastor of Goodwood Baptist Church, Cape Town, South Africa

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