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We like to read books about our favourite Bible characters–books which help and encourage us; but a book about Judas Iscariot? He too, however, is a Bible character with a not-insignificant part in the Gospel narrative and he presents a lasting warning that we need. Modern writers who try to re-interpret Judas’s motives and down-play his guilt tell us more about themselves than him. You will not ‘enjoy’ this book–at least I hope not–but read with a prayerful, humble spirit, you will find it truly edifying. There are questions here to make you think, evils to recognize, avoid or repent of, and above all, a gracious Saviour whose tenderness is just the same today. –Paul E Brown, retired pastor and author of several books, Lancaster, UK

The strength of this little book is that it speaks to heart and conscience. Andrew forces me to look at myself and to examine my heart. Any book that does that is worth reading. –Stephen Rees, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Stockport, UK

Andrew Wheeler has given us a perceptive study of one of the Bible’s most enigmatic and tragic figures. In doing so, he reminds us how very far one can go in religion without ever possessing the true knowledge of Christ. Filled with valuable insights and memorable statements, this book will reward all of its readers with a better understanding of the man who will forever be known as the greatest of traitors. It will prove especially helpful to pastors who desire to put before their congregations the solemn and alarming lessons that emerge from the life of Judas Iscariot. –Roger Ellsworth, Pastor of Parkview Baptist Church, Jackson, Tennessee, USA, and author

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Born in Northampton and a graduate of Lancaster University, Andrew Wheeler studied Philosophy in his undergraduate and postgraduate years. He is a member of Grace Baptist Church in Lancaster where he is presently extensively involved in youth work and where he has also engaged in training for the pastoral ministry. He is author of C S Lewis: Clarity and confusion, also published by Day One.

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