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Joshua—what a book!
It is a necessary bridge between the Law of Moses and the rest of Israel’s history.
It magnifies the faithfulness and power of God.
It runs from the epic crossing of the Jordan to the final conquest of the land, this being seen as a vivid and graphic picture of claiming our rich inheritance in Christ.
It shows that they could only get into the land of victory and fullness through crossing Jordan, the ‘river of death’, this being a picture of our dying with Christ and rising with him to a new and abundant resurrection life.
It reveals the reasons for their failures and shows obedience and faith to be the basis for their victories.
Joshua is a very important book in the canon of Scripture and this devotional commentary merits your attention. It will challenge you with penetrating insights into Scripture and into your own heart. That in essence is its objective—to confront men and women with the necessity of integrity, purity and victory through obedience and faith.

Rev. Dr. Colin Neil Peckham L.Th (Hons), B.A.(Theol.), B.Th.Hons., M. Th,, D.Th. was born in South Africa where he had ten years of evangelistic ministry and youth work before entering Bible College work in Cape Town for thirteen years. He then emigrated to Great Britain and for seventeen years was principal of the Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh, Scotland. As principal emeritus he had an extensive preaching ministry in Britain and abroad and authored several books. He was married to Mary (nee Morrison) from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, who spent fourteen years in evangelistic ministry, mainly in the U.K., before their marriage, and they had three adult children and two grand-children. Colin passed away in 2009, followed some months later by Mary.

If you are looking for a fast moving, down-to-earth and challenging insight into Joshua, then this is it. Colin Peckham presents a grasp of the book that is easy to take in, particularly the long historical chapters, and manages at the same time to show how the book’s message is just as vital for today as it has always been. Buy it, study it and act upon it.
—Rev Dr A M Roger, Principal, The Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh

Thank God for this delightful, scriptural and deeply devotional commentary. It will make the book of Joshua and its spiritual wealth come alive for you. It is so readable that it seems like a series of inspiring messages by a godly Bible teacher. You forget that it is also a very worthwhile, thoroughly researched and detailed devotional commentary. God intends for us to read and be blessed and guided by the book of Joshua, and much more of the Old Testament, far more than is the case for many Christians. This book will encourage many to read the Old Testament more fully than has been their custom. May God use it widely.
Dr Peckham is a writer whose Christian passion will bless and inspire you. You will desire to underline many places as you read, for you will go back again and again. Read it through in its entirety.
—Dr Wesley Duewel, President Emeritus of The OMS International, and author

For some years I have been encouraging Dr Colin Peckham to add a Bible commentary to his other published works and I am delighted he has produced this excellent commentary on the book of Joshua.
I have found it true to the text, devotional and challenging in spirit, and practical in application. Even though Joshua is an Old Testament book, its truth is relevant for the people of God today.
May God make it a great blessing to all who read and study it.
—Revd Tom Shaw, Former President of The Faith Mission, and Minister of Donaghey Congregational Church, N. Ireland.

‘There is a point in grace as much above the ordinary Christian as the ordinary Christian is above the worldling,’ said the nineteenth century Baptist preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. His comments capture the heart cry of this series of studies in Joshua from the respected pen of Dr Colin Peckham. He wants us to see not merely Jericho but Jesus, not only the Land but supremely the Lord. I was humbled, challenged and refreshed by it. You will be too.
—Dr Steve Brady, Principal, Moorlands College, and Trustee, Keswick Convention

No book of the Old Testament teaches more clearly the principles of victory in the midst of battle, and rest in the midst of struggle than the book of Joshua. From this background, Colin Peckham applies these truths magnificently to create an appetite for victorious living and to show the means of experiencing this through full surrender to Christ as Lord, and complete dependence on him as our strength. Here is the gospel for defeated and struggling Christians, a gospel that does not only get us out of the old life of slavery to leave us wandering in a wilderness of confusion, but brings us into the new life of a land ‘flowing with milk and honey’—the fullness of Christ.
—Dr Charles Price, The People’s Church, Toronto, Canada

Dr Peckham has produced a great book which perfectly blends together doctrine, devotion and dedication. This is a book for our times for pastor and people alike—a book to be read and re-read. Our day has forgotten the vision of victory set forth in this book. Without such a vision the people will perish and a defeated church will never conquer the world, the flesh, or the devil. Here is a challenge for us to blow upon the gospel trumpets and shout, for the Lord has given us our cities which, like wicked Jericho, are shut up and need their walls of opposition and indifference to crumble before the God’s victorious battle-cry. The book of Joshua is a book for today, and the message of this volume is timely and blessed.
—Rev Paul Bassett, Minister, Melbourne Hall Evangelical Free Church, Leicester, England

An interesting combination of Bible reading and devotional can be found in devotional commentaries such as Joshua by Colin N Peckham (Day One / 9781846250934 / paperback / 235pp / £8.00), part of their Exploring the Bible series. Joshua has always been one of my Bible heroes, the man who said ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’ He was the one who wanted to take hold of what God had promised and eventually did lead Israel into the promised-land. There are twenty one chapters, seventeen of which deal with the text either as a full or part chapter of the book of Joshua. I wouldn’t normally sit and read a commentary ‘for fun’ but this one I found really interesting, insightful and thoughtprovoking. And it is easy to read too.
—Clem Jackson, The Christian Marketplace

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