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It almost goes without saying that this is a nice and inspiring story. I say that because most people who view this know who Joni Eareckson (Tada) is before they watch this 1980 story of her amazing life. Christians, I assume, are the ones who know about this woman and how she turned a tragedy into a very powerful witness to God.

Joni plays herself in this movie while the rest of the cast are professional actors. She’s a so-so actress but her story is so extraordinary I didn’t find myself getting concerned about her acting. The only problem I had with the film was that was a tad too slow. Watching almost two hours of a woman in physical rehabilitation is not easy!

Yes, she is an incredible woman – and continues to be today – but there are a number of frustrating and depressing moments in the film as we see her grapple, mentally, physically and spiritually with trying to cope with being almost totally paralyzed. I just cannot fathom what she, and others like her, has gone through. You get some sense of that in this film.

I would strongly recommend this film to anyone who has suffered a major physical setback in their life. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has overcome them as well as Joni, so this movie could be a great encourager for you. I am glad this is finally out on DVD!.

Also – for anyone – I would recommend reading some of Joni’s books, check out her artwork and just – if nothing else – learn a little about what makes this woman tick. It might just turn your life around, too.


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