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Popular Author, Speaker, and Founder of the Josh McDowell Ministry Speaks Out on the Popular, Culturally Relevant Topic of Right vs. Wrong

Directed to parents and gatekeepers of today’s youth, renowned speaker and author Josh McDowell focuses on the how-to’s of teaching teens and pre-teens to make right moral choices.

Set Free to Choose Right will help you come to understand:

  • why today’s kids feel they have the right to determine what is “right” or “wrong” for themselves
  • how culture reinforces that there are no universal truths and. . .
  • where this misconception historically originated
  • how to motivate kids to make good choices
  • it is God’s character and nature that makes right, right and wrong, wrong

Engaging stories and helpful illustration are provided to model how a person (of any age) can distinguish between right and wrong and make the right choice—every time!




I have shared this material with my own kids, and it has provided us with new ways to say yes to what is right and how to do the next right thing. You will love Set Free to Choose Right if you love teaching your kids how to live the Christian life.
—Stephen Arterburn, Founder and Chairman of New Life MinistriesIn a world where distractions permeate every screen and Wi-Fi signal, today’s parents need to teach their kids truth so they are equipped to recognize lies. In these pages, Josh helps us segue from high guidance to setting our kids free to choose right. I’ll definitely be recommending this book in my parenting workshops.
 —Jonathan McKee, President of, speaker, author of If I Had a Parenting Do Over and The Teen’s Guide to Social Media. . .and Mobile DevicesI believe in today’s world there is a battle for the hearts, minds, bodies, families, and futures of our young people. Set Free to Choose Right fillets this issue down to the bone. This is a must read!
—Dr. Jay Strack, President and Founder of Youth Pastor Summit and Student Leadership University

Social media tempts us to think that staying in constant contact with our kids is enough. In reality, they need deep trust, not just frequent touches. Josh takes the reader on a very personal, humbling journey of how to develop that kind of relationship with our kids. Set Free to Choose Right comes at exactly the right time for me as a dad, and at just the right moment for our culture.
—Jeff Myers, Ph.D., President of Summit Ministries

I appreciate that the biblical principles and practical insight in Josh’s book Set Free to Choose Right have been forged on the anvil of real life experience. This book is a very helpful guide for parents and caring adults in guiding young people to embrace biblical convictions in today’s foggy moral environment.
—Daryl Nuss, Executive Director/CEO of National Network of Youth Ministries

Josh offers parents Jesus-focused instructions on parenting leadership and very practical direction on pursuing an intimate relationship with our kids based on love and transparency.This very valuable and usable book will equip any parent to lead their kids with love!
—Barry St. Clair, author, speaker, and President of Reach Out Youth Solutions

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