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This is a bible study which is going to give your children a comprehensive overview of the entire bible instead of studying a book here and there. ‘Picture Smart, New Testament’ actually takes a student from Matthew to Revelations and it gives them a pictorial overview of each book in the bible.

In each book there is a main overall theme which the parent reads out of the parent manual (about 2-5 pages). We have found that a large number of Dads are doing this after supper in the evenings or when they have the time. The feedback we are getting is that Dads are being so blessed through doing this with their families, as well as learning much themselves. While the parent reads the overview, the children work in their workbooks. At the end of each book of the Bible there are ‘application for life’ questions. These questions promote family discussions on topics which are applicable to daily life.

If I ask you what comes to mind regarding the book of Luke, it’s possible you may tell me Luke is one of the gospels. You might say that it’s about the life of Jesus or perhaps that the author is Luke. If you happen to watch the video at this point, I will show you how the student uses the workbook. However, let me tell you what happens when you do ‘Picture Smart’.

The student will colour-in their workbook during the course of a parent reading the instructions from their parent manual. At the end of this, the child will have a picture of that respective book of the Bible. Parents who have been involved in this process will have this picture in their minds and it sticks! That then becomes their reference and link to the book, the picture which their children drew. Once the family have completed the course from Matthew to Revelation, they will have all these overview pictures in their minds and hearts. This makes it all come together and creates a link for quick retrieval when needed.

What age to start may be a question in your mind. We like to suggest to start when a child can write. If your eldest is ready and you have younger ones who are not ready yet, you may enlarge the picture from the student book for the little ones to colour while the you read from the manual. I would also like to add that the older the child, the more value they will be getting from it. As there are other bible study resources aimed at younger children, why not use these rather than rush into ‘Picture Smart’ when the children are still little. ‘Picture Smart’ is not only for children however, as it is also being used in the mission field to cross the language barrier. This is because the Word will impact anyone from ‘Kindergarden’ as the cover mentions, all the way to Adulthood.


With Picture Smart!, you can draw your way through the Bible! This Genesis-to-Revelation course is designed to help families learn, remember, and teach Bible book themes and concepts. The manuals contain all the tools necessary for you to conduct an exciting Bible class or self-study. The easy to follow commentary for each Bible book has clear, simple instructions for completing the drawings and Scripture reading. Use the ‘Master Art Illustration’ as your guide while the student works through the ‘grey lined’ student workbook.

As your children complete the pictures, they are creating images in their memories that help them to remember the main themes of each book in the Bible. Our family has been very impressed with the way that our children have been able to remember what the main themes of each book are, as well as being able to remember which book to look in, and where to find a particular event.

Can I Use the Junior and Senior levels Together?

  1. The Junior Picture Smart was designed to be used with the Senior Picture Smart materials. It does take a little extra time to show younger ones what to do on the Student Sheet, but is definitely worth the few extra minutes. The concepts illustrated in the Junior version are a simplified match to those illustrated in the Senior material.
  2. The parent section of the Senior Picture Smart books can be used with the Junior excerpt; There is no discussion in the Senior levels of crafts which are used extensively in Junior levels.
  3. If you read the text verbatim, you could start the older students on a graphic and then read the text (which is very limited at the Junior level) to younger children.
  4. Although the pictures in both relate to the same concepts, the illustrations are different. For younger children they are much simpler with the addition of crafts.

So the answer is, YES, older and younger children can work on same lesson at the same time while using Senior and Junior Picture Smart.

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