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It has been said that our planet is really just an insignificant speck in a vast universe, but that’s not true! In fact, the conditions for life found on earth are supremely unique and make our life here comfortable. This despite the reality that the world around us is also tainted and in need of careful calibration in order to continue.

This scripturally founded book opens a window to the spectacular environments found on our planet, from deserts to the tropics, with respect to creationism. Researchers and biologist Dr. Garry Parker brings his vast knowledge of ecology to a teaching setting, exploring and explaining ecosystems, population growth, habitats, adaptations, energy problems, and much more. Learn about insect control in California, why mammals have fur, and how sharks maintain “friendships” with small fish know as remora.

Exploring the World Around You brings the varieties of our planet’s habitats alive to the reader, and is a wonderful learning tool complete with illustrations, chapter tests, and an index.



An exciting look at the interactions of plants, animals, and humans. This book answers so many questions about nature. —Roger Howerton, Assistant Editor, New Leaf Press and Master Books

About the Author

John Hudson Tiner received five National Science Foundation teaching fellowships during his 12 years of teaching science and mathematics. He is a graduate of chemistry at the College of the Holy Cross (Massachusetts), graduate of astronomy at Sam Houston State University (Texas), and a graduate of mathematics at Duke University (NC). He also worked as a mathematician and cartographer for the Defense Mapping Agency, Aerospace Center (St. Louis).

Today, Tiner is a full-time writer. His popular non-fiction books tell their stories through the lives of people who left the world in a better condition than they found it. He says, “After the research is finished, a wonderful moment occurs when the story takes over and the characters come alive. No longer am I a writer, but a time traveler who stands unobserved in the shadows and reports the events as they occur.”

He has received numerous honors for his writing, including the Missouri Writer’s Guild award for best juvenile book for Exploring the World of Chemistry, which was also published by Master Books.

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