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“Tend my sheep” is the awesome task given to those who have been called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to be overseers of the church of God. Leadership in the local assembly must be biblical and balanced if the church is to properly discharge its commission from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Recent trends in leadership methods have made it more necessary than ever that Christ’s shepherds “be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock”. The application of biblical church authority is one of the crucial issues facing Christians today.

The present work deals forthrightly with the hard questions about leading God’s people on the local church level. Representing the mature thought of men who have spent many years guiding Christians, Shepherding God’s Flock is an anthology of essays dealing with various aspects of the issue of church authority. The true nature of an “ideal” church, the proper way of reformation, the danger of the abuse of church discipline and the relationship of authority to individual freedom are some of the topics handled here.

Leaders reproduce themselves and put their stamp indelibly upon a congregation. This influence can in turn make or break a church’s influence in the world. These essays provide the tools needed for the self-examination, correction and growth of all those concerned to see Christ’s style of shepherding safeguarded among his flock.


There are biblically-sound scholars who have little or no experience in local church leadership. Conversely, there are those who have served for years as leaders in local churches, but sadly are not “mighty in the Scriptures.” But when men who are rich both in church leadership experience and knowledge of the Bible write about leadership in the local church, you have a treasure like Biblical Shepherding of God’s Sheep.
—Donald S. Whitney, Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality/ Former Director of Applied Ministry, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Here is a most timely book for pastoring in postmodern times. Tapping at the collective wisdom of these seasoned authors, we find here a whole pastoral theology course as the whole array of the pastoral task is discussed. Written with realism and balance, it is certainly a most useful tool for all those who are already in the pastoral ministry as well as for those who contemplate God’s call on their life. Already, chapter one by Walt Chantry is worth the price of the book. May our Covenant God raise a whole army of Biblical Shepherds!
—Raymond Perron Ph.D, Coordinator of Association d’Églises Réformée Baptistes du Québec, ARBCA Missionary

Biblical Shepherding of God’s Sheep combines pastoral wisdom with theological insight that are rooted firmly in the Scriptures. The contributors are all faithful churchmen who write with a view to seeing local congregations and those who are called to lead them strengthened. This book contains a wealth of spiritual guidance and encouragement not only for new pastors but also for those who have spent years on the front lines of pastoral ministry.
—Tom Ascol, Executive Director of Founders Ministries, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida

Sooner or later this book is going to be an invaluable resource to those who will want to and need to know how a spiritually healthy church should function. Whatever the condition of the church the contents of this great work can only promote stability and growth in a body of believers.
—Martin Holdt, Pastor, Constantia Park Baptist Church, Pretoria, South Africa

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