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“Some churches now advertise courses on how to pray. How ridiculous! That is like giving a course on how to fall in love.” —A. W. Tozer

Tozer understood prayer as few do: as a way of life. Now readers can share that same grand vision.

Prayer combines the best of Tozer on prayer into one volume. Tozer was captured by the great wonder of God, and he regarded prayer as the primary means of coming into His presence. But if our everyday life is filled with the barrenness of busyness and there is no serious urgency to pray, we forfeit the wonder of being conformed to the image of Christ and knowing our God more intimately—the true Christian life.

Prayer is doable. God is accessible. And Tozer provides the wisdom and encouragement to help us encounter Him daily. With commentary and reflection questions provided by compiler W.L. Seaver, Prayer takes our understanding of prayer to new depths and helps us have a life that prays.




“I was super-excited to get a chance to review A.W. Tozer’s ‘new’ book on prayer. (Can I just say I’m so thankful that new Tozer books continue to be released. Tozer may have died fifty years ago, but he’s still ever-relevant, in my opinion.) This book gathers together Tozer’s thoughts on prayer. Chapters come from his sermons, articles, or books. The first section–containing twenty-two chapters–is called ‘Tozer’s Writings,’ and the second section–containing six chapters–is called ‘Tozer’s Sermons.’ The first section, if I recall correctly, the readings are perhaps a bit shorter, but, contain bonus material. Summaries are provided for what you’ve just read in that chapter, and Tozer’s ideas are discussed and explored further. These chapters also include discussion questions. The second section, the readings are definitely longer. These chapters all come from sermons, not books published before or after his death.

Chapters include:

The Whole Life Must Pray The Sacrament of Living, part one and two To Be Right, We Must Think Right Prayer: No Substitute for Obedience The Importance of Prayer in God’s Eternal Work Born after Midnight Praying Without Condition The Power of Silence Dangers in Unanswered Prayer What Profit In Prayer?

Three Ways To Get What We Want Prayer Changes People and Things On Wrestling in Prayer Praying Till We Pray God’s Selfhood and Prayer Truth has Two Wings Honesty in Prayer Measuring Spirituality by Public Prayers The Best Things Come Hard A Word to the Men about the Women Does God Always Answer Prayer?

Prepare by Prayer, part one and two Believing Prayer In Everything by Prayer, part one, two, and three

I would recommend this book for several reasons. One, I love A.W. Tozer. I do. I love him for his zeal, his passion, his stubborn clinging to the Bible as the undeniable WORD OF GOD. To read Tozer is to meet a man who loved God with mighty zeal. Tozer didn’t seem to care about being popular or being well-liked. He cared about speaking the truth–as he saw it–and for Tozer, the source of truth was without a doubt, the Bible. Tozer was upset by things he saw: in the church, in society–and he spoke out about it. He clung to hope, however, that men and women could and would be transformed by the power of God, that godliness and holiness was always possible because our God is a big God, and his promises are true. Two, in addition to having a special appreciation for Tozer, I enjoy reading books on prayer. I think prayer remains a tricky subject being both simple and complex. I think believers will always need another book on prayer. And this one is worth reading. It has plenty of thought-provoking ideas in it. You may love or hate Tozer, but, you can’t deny he makes you THINK.”

~Reviewed by Becky Laney on NetGalley, Jan 22, 2016


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