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This treatise on 1 John 3:3, “And every man that hat this hope in him purifieth himself,” first establishes that every believer is a hopeful person; second, explains that where true hope resides, it will purge the heart; and third, provides ten ways in which believers can purify themselves by hope. Burroughs also shows the origin, object, and ground of hope. The book concludes with an exhortation to put away sin. This is a timely, succinct masterpiece for our impure world, lost in sin and full of despair.

Table of Contents:

1. The Coherence, the Scope, and the Meaning of the Words

2. Three Doctrines Raised and a Description of Hope

3. Hope is Wrought by the Holy Spirit

4. The Object of Hope

5. The Act of Hope

6. The Ground of Hope

7. The Saints are Men of Hope

8. The Use of the First Doctrine

9. The Second Doctrine

10. The Saints of God Have Remained Sin in Them

11. Answers to Those Who Live in a Course of Sin

12. The Saints Purge Themselves From Sin

13. What the Saints Do When They Purify Themselves

14. The Saints’ Hope Makes Them Purify Themselves

15. The Saints Purify Themselves Because Their Hopes Usually Cost Them Dearly

16. The Saints Purify Themselves Because Their Hope Is a Scripture Hope

17. Four Additional Grounds of the Saints’ Hope

18. The Application

19. An Exhortation To Put Away Sin

Appendix: A Sermon on Psalm 17:14 – The Misery of Those Who Have Their Portion in This Life

Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) During his life, Jeremiah Burroughs was loved for his preaching and gentle spirit and was persecuted for his non-conformity ot the Church of England. Forced to flee to Holland and Rotterdam for a time, he eventually returned to England and preached to congregations in Stepney and Cripplegate in London, two of the largest congregations in all of England.

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