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SIMONETTA CARRThere are books about women in church history but they mostly focus on their lives, this book focuses on the questions they asked and shows why they are important now as they were then. The women included may not have had the benefit of a thorough theological training, but they meditated on Scripture and as a result their questions are smart, penetrating, and mostly universal. Simonetta’s book will encourage you to reflect on these important issues and by delving into the treasures of God’s Word will be able to raise your own questions and discuss them with others. God encourages such inquiries, and similar questions have often started a chain reaction, causing others (including us) to think better.

Table of Contents:
1. Marcella of Rome (ca. 325-410): ‘How Do I Understand the Scriptures?’
2. Macrina the Younger (ca. 330-379): ‘Should a Christian Live Separate from the World?’
3. Monica of Tagaste (ca. 331-387): ‘Will My Son Be Lost?’
4. Dhuoda of Uzès (ca. 800-843): ‘How Can I Nurture a Distant Son?’
5. Kassia (ca. 810-865): ‘The Fullness of My Sin Who Can Explore?’
6. Christine de Pizan (1364-1430): ‘Is Woman a Defect of Creation?’
7. Argula Von Grumbach (1492-1554): ‘Should We Speak against Injustice?’
8. Elizabeth Aske Bowes (ca. 1505-1572): ‘How Can I Be Sure I Am Saved?’
9. Renée of France (1510-1575): ‘Should We Pray for God’s Enemies?’
10. Giulia Gonzaga (1513-1566): ‘How Can I Find Peace of Conscience?’
11. Olympia Morata (1526-1555): ‘What Can I Do if My Husband Neglects Me?’
12. Charlotte de Bourbon (1546-1582): ‘What Should I Consider in a Marriage Proposal?’
13. Charlotte Arbaleste Duplessis-Mornay (1550-1606): ‘Does God Care about Hairstyles?’
14. Dorothy Leigh (d. 1616): ‘What Should a Mother Teach Her Sons?’
15. Bathsua Makin (ca. 1600-1675): ‘Should Women Be Educated?’
16. Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672): ‘How Do I Know the True God Is the One Described in Scriptures?’
17. Elisabeth of the Palatinate (1618-1680): ‘Are Mind and Body Separate?’
18. Lucy Hutchinson (1620-1681): ‘How Can We Trust God s Providence?’
19. Mary White Rowlandson (ca. 1637-1711): ‘Why Am I Troubled?’
20. Anne Dutton (ca. 1692-1765): ‘Can Women Write about Theology?’
21. Kata Bethlen (1700-1759): ‘Can I Marry a Nonbeliever?’
22. Marie Durand (1711-1776): ‘Can I Be a Secret Christian?’
23. Anne Steele (1717-1778): ‘Must I Forever Mourn?’
24. Isabella Marshall Graham (1742-1814): ‘How Can I Help Neglected Families?’
25. Phillis Wheatley (ca. 1753-1784): ‘How Can I Not Oppose Tyranny?’
26. Ann Griffiths (1776-1805): ‘What Have I to Do with Idols?’
27. Betsey Stockton (ca. 1798-1865): ‘Are These the Beings with Whom I Must Spend the Remainder of My Life?’
28. Lydia Mackenzie Falconer Miller (1812-1876): ‘Can True Science Disagree with the Bible?’
29. Sarah Miller (d. 1801): ‘Can Christians Have Disturbing Thoughts?’
30. Anne Ross Cundell Cousin (1824-1906): ‘Can We Sing in Heaven if Our Loved Ones Are Missing?’
31. Jeanette Li (1899-1968): ‘Can the Church of Christ Be Destroyed?’

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