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Timothy from Lystra was known as Paul the Apostle’s ‘son’ and apprentice who was to learn the things of the faith from him. Timothy was later to be sent to Ephesus serving as Paul’s representative. The Ephesians had lost their focus on the message of the gospel. They were materialistic and their lives were marked by ungodly living. Timothy’s task was to call them back to the cross and what Jesus Christ had done for them, setting their sights on what they would receive when Christ returned for them. Until then they were to live lives of godliness and holiness. This book will help you to teach 1 Timothy, showing how we can navigate a godly life even in today’s culture.

This useful resource, alongside the others in this growing Teaching the Bible series, is for those who have the privilege and the joy of teaching or preaching a particular book or theme from the Bible. Whether you are a small group leader, preacher or a youth worker, it will help you to communicate the message from 1 Timothy. This book will provide a useful launching pad for Biblical exposition planning and executing a lesson or sermon in particular with background, structure, key points and application.



“The Teaching series is a great resource for Bible study leaders and pastors, indeed for any Christian who wants to understand their Bible better.”
~Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church and President, 9Marks.org, Washington, DC


“We ignore the Pastorals to our loss and peril. The elderly apostle is looking down the tube and preparing Timothy and Titus and us for the post-apostolic age. Once again we are greatly indebted to Proclamation Trust Resources for their series on teaching different books of the Bible. After Angus Macleay’s outstanding contribution on 1 Peter his new book on 1 Timothy does not disappoint – the same excellent standard is maintained. Difficulties are faced. Practical application is realistic. The text lives. My immediate reaction was to resolve to make 1 Timothy our next study book for our mid-week groups and/or the basis of the next sermon series.”
~Jonathan Fletcher, Recently retired Minister of Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon, London


“The need of the hour is Bible knowledge. When knowledge fails, faith fails, and we are shaped instead by cultural forces alien to God. This teaching series, written by skilled and trustworthy students of God’s word, helps us to understand the Bible, believe it and obey it. I commend it to all Bible readers, but especially those whose task it is to teach the inspired word of God.”
~Peter Jensen, Retired Archbishop of Sydney, Sydney, Australia


“If the growing feminisation of the church is to be challenged and men encouraged to step up and take the lead, then we need 1 Timothy to be preached, taught and modelled in our churches.”
~Carrie Sandom, Associate Minister for Women and Pastoral Care at St John Church, Tunbridge Wells


“North India desperately needs men and women who will preach and teach the Bible faithfully and PT’s Teaching series is of great value in encouraging them to do just that.”
~Isaac Shaw, Executive Director, Delhi Bible Institute, New Delhi, India


“The task of moving from the text of Scripture to clear and faithful exposition is challenging. This series of excellent guides aims to help the Bible teacher to observe what is there in the text, and prepare to convey its significance to contemporary hearers. In this way these volumes often do more than the weightier technical commentaries. It is like having the guidance of an experienced coach in the wonderful work of rightly handling the word of truth”.
~John Woodhouse, Retired Principal and Lecturer in Doctrine and Old Testament, Moore College, Sydney, Australia


“Angus MacLeay takes us through this important letter with enormous clarity and care. This is an outstanding resource; essential reading for all looking to study, teach and feed on 1 Timothy.”

~Sam Allberry, Assistant Pastor, St Marys, Maidenhead and Author of Is God Anti-Gay?

About the Author

Angus MacLeay is the Rector of St. Nicholas, a large Anglican Church in Sevenoaks, and is also a member of the Church of England General Synod. One of St. Nicholas’ previous ministers was the poet, John Donne. The recent story of the church is told by the book The Church that went under.

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