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500 years ago, one man made a discovery.

As he sat on the edge of total despair in a German monastery, Martin Luther found light and joy that has since lit and empowered the way for generations. It has fascinated artists, envisioned reformers, strengthened abolitionists, and given beautiful hope to millions.

Do you know the story?

It shouldn’t be possible to talk about the Reformation without talking about the gospel. Luther’s discovery changed the world and it continues to do so. Michael Reeves has served the church in this 500th anniversary year by writing an evangelistic resource that tells the story of that discovery, draws out its effectiveness and beauty, and speaks of its consequences for the history of the world.

On this 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this resource enables you to use the historical moment effectively to carry on the work of Reformation: to get the story of the gospel to world.

“As I read this thrilling little introduction to the Reformation my heart started to beat with joy. For this 500th anniversary I’m going to try to persuade everyone to read it.” -Rico Tice, author; associate minister, All Souls Church, London

“If you want to know what made this movement explosively joyful… read this book.” -John Piper, author, speaker, founder of, Chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary

“Thank God for the world-changing Reformation recovering the truth of the all-sufficient cross of Christ! As Michael Reeves points out in his inspiring text, prior to the Reformation religion was disguising the problem rather than solving it. Five hundred years later, people from around the world with open Bibles celebrate the rediscovery of light that dispelled their overwhelming darkness.” -Terry Virgo, author; speaker; founder of Newfrontiers, a family of 1500 churches across 70 countries

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